The MIG Group of companies are Mandurah Industrial Guards Pty Ltd, MIG Guards Pty Ltd, and MIG Security Pty Ltd, which are privately owned Australian companies based in Mandurah, Western Australia.

With over 18 years experience, MIG Security Pty Ltd has a simple philosophy: The people who own and manage the company work in the company each day to ensure clients receive the quality service and support they require. MIG Security Pty Ltd provide reliable, quality services to over 600 clients. We do not direct advertise, and 90% of our new clients are word of mouth from existing clients.

Residential and Commercial Security

Security Installations

Cash Transfers

Crowd Control

MIG Security Pty Ltd commenced operations in 1991 as Mandurah Industrial Guards, providing security to residential and industrial clients in Mandurah.

Jim Healey
Jim is the founder of the security group, and has been the driving force in the company since 1991.

Darren Healey
Managing Director and Security Agent Licence Holder #SA08526. Darren has been involved in the security industry since 1999.


The professional management team at MIG Security Pty Ltd is committed to being the most responsive, client-oriented group of managers and supervisors in any security industry.

Today’s society demands that the epidemic of crime be stemmed and the basic needs of its communities be met.

Law enforcement budgets are already feeling the pressure of budget restrictions.

More and more traditional law enforcement activities are being absorbed by private security organisations.

Their functions are to provide the security, safety and services that law enforcement agencies are unable to extend.

Mandurah Industrial Guards are proud to be the winner of the 2009 Alcoa Business Excellence Award in the category of medium to large business (20-100 employees).


MIG Security Pty Ltd group of companies provide security services in Mandurah, Rockingham, Bunbury and Perth to an array of clients including:

  • Residential properties
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Industrial complexes
  • Developments
  • Schools
  • Local Government
  • Multi-level office buildings
  • Concerts
  • Resorts

In fact, we provide security services to over 600 clients.

Our Business is minding yours


MIG Security Pty Ltd is an experienced, dynamic company, providing highly trained personnel and security services for a diverse range of activities and events, such as:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Mobile Patrol Service
  • 24 Hour Alarm and Response Security Service
  • Cash Transfers and Banking
  • Hospitality and Event Security
  • Residential Premises Security
  • Commercial Building Security
  • Permanent and Casual Static Security Guards
  • Investigations and Surveillance
  • Installation and Servicing of Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Installation of CCTV Camera Systems
  • Video/Audio Intercom
  • Access Control
  • 24 hour Residential and Commercial Monitoring
  • Security Consultancy Service